About Shercom Industries

Our Mission

With the dedication of our valued employees, Shercom will excel at collecting and transforming used tires from an environmental hazard into useable and environmentally friendly products that exceed the performance of traditional products and our customer’s expectations of product performance and customer service.

Who We Are

Shercom Industries a fully integrated recycler, processor and manufacturer/installer of tire-derived rubber products and surfaces. Our unique combination of state-of-the-art playground and recreational rubber-paved surfaces, premium home and garden solutions (such as mulch and patio tiles) and durable light-industrial products (like speed bumps and parking curbs) have made us an industry leader in Canada and garnered recognition such as the ABEX Environment Award from the SK Chamber of Commerce.

Shercom has grown from a local manufacturer of recycled rubber ramps to an international leader in tire recycling and value-add technology development, and is the kind of business that adds to the provincial economy as our reach expands.

We like to say we're saving the world one tire at a time but really we're just the partners in the recycling efforts of our customers and it's our mission to help them get the most benefit for their investment. I know you'll find what we do to be both encouraging and eye-opening and encourage you to connect with us to learn more about how you can participate in our good work.

What Sets Us Apart


Shercom uses material for our bases that is specifically created from our own recycling process to yield the best balance between durability and impact reduction. We have tested and worked with most of the chemical binding agents and related materials used for pour-in-place and rubber surfacing and we employ a variety of situation-based solutions tailored to fit the needs of each project.


Shercom’s diverse and multi-faceted paving team can be adapted to complete several commercial and residential projects at multiple sites simultaneously or combined to tackle large playground or recreational surface projects in days instead of weeks. Our insightful Customer Service team will provide you all the details you need before, during, and after your project is complete and help you predict and create solutions for potential challenges. We have the team that can get your project done on time.


Because we are not only an installer and manufacturer, but also a collector and processor of scrap tires, we have control of our own supply chain, access to wide breadth of resources such as expert equipment maintenance, in-house logistics, and even a fleet of trucks that transport materials and equipment to job sites efficiently and affordably. We have the fully integrated system that reduces your required investment in surfacing.