Frequently Asked Questions

Are these surfaces applicable for Environmental grants and credits?

Yes! All of our products are eligible for LEED credits and we frequently work on projects that receive grants from environment focussed community development programs connected to provincial programs in Alberta (ARMA), Saskatchewan (SSTC), Manitoba (TSM) and Ontario (OTS).

Are any of the materials harmful?

Our installers are specially trained to handle any uncured binders or onsite cleaning agents in a safe manner. Once a project is complete, there are no health risks from the surfacing materials. The rubber and binder compound, once cured, is inert and safe for all. MSDS sheets can be provided for all of our materials.

How do these surfaces hold up with harsh temperatures?

Tire rubber was designed to perform and hold up in the most extreme temperatures on the planet. That’s what makes our surfaces so durable and resilient. Rubber will maintain flexibility in the extreme cold just like it does when you drive your car in winter. In the heat of the summer you won’t find our rubber surfacing turning soft and gooey like asphalt.

Can these surfaces be repaired? Is there a warranty?

All of Shercom’s surfacing products can be repaired if there is accidental damage or vandalism. Shercom has a 5 year warranty on all of its surfacing products.

What type of surface can you install over top of?

Rubber surfacing is typically installed over sub-surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, paving stones, or compacted granular. Some rubber surfacing applications have varying substrate requirements. Contact one of our surfacing specialists to ensure your project base preparation is on the right track.

Is the surface porous? Where does water go when it rains or snow melts?

Shercom’s rubber surfacing is porous. The granular composition will allow melting snow and rain to effectively drain through the product. A surface grade may help ‘flash off’ some of the water, and the rest will permeate through to whatever is underneath the rubber.

Will the product have a weird smell?

A slight odour may be noticeable during the installation process until the binding agents are fully cured. Once the curing process is complete, the binder and rubber are completely inert.

Are there other installers of rubber paving?

Yes, in Saskatchewan our other installers are:

A&B Rubber Paving

Prince Albert & Area

(306) 764-1064

Over the Edge

North Battleford & Area

(306) 441-1939

Solid State Rubber Paving

Rosetown & Area

(306) 370-2872

CVS Rubber Paving

Regina & Area

(306) 352-5908


Outside of Saskatchewan our installers are:

A&B Rubber Paving

Calgary, AB

(587) 223-7283

Gushues Excavation and Rubber Paving

Conception Harbour, NL

(709) 229-2000