Playground & Recreational Surfaces

Using Shercom for your recreational surface gives you the financial flexibility to create the best space possible.

Pour-In-Place Rubber Playground Surfaces

We are proud to produce some of the safest and most resilient playground surfaces available and to work with industry leading equipment providers to help create spaces that are destination points – adding tremendous value to the communities we partner with.

Depending on the project parameters and desired performance characteristics, Shercom can use a customized blend of polymer-based and SBR (recycled tire-rubber) materials to create a finished surface that exceeds expectations.

With all the benefits of our standard rubber surfacing and an array of additional options, such as precision embedded designs and resistance to caustic chemicals, an Ideal Surface offers a superior fit and finish to take your project to the next level.

How it works

Shercom employs a two layer system customized to provide safety for various age groups and fall heights. The top "wear" layer is typically composed primarily of coloured, hard rubber granules mixed with our proprietary binder and applied evenly over the shock absorbing base layer. The base layer is made of a recycled, post-consumer tire rubber crumb in varying thickness determined by the critical fall height (CFH) of the playground equipment.

A variety of brilliant rubber colours are available to create beautiful patterns and designs in the playground surface. Once cured, the surface is non-toxic and environmentally inert.


We are committed to providing the safest playground environment possible. All our Playground projects are Engineer Tested to ensure that each projects meet the ASTM fall height requirements and are CSA and/or ADA compliant. Detailed reports of our fall height tests for various thicknesses of installation are available upon request.

Resurfacing Concrete Pool Decks

A cracked, broken or uneven concrete pool deck is one the most challenging problems for pool owners. Replacing the concrete is expensive, and may fix the problem, but does nothing to enhance safety or comfort. We can transform your aging pool deck into a safe, beautiful, and comfortable surface.

Patios, Walkways, Porches

Old cracked concrete, or interlocking stone patios, walkways and porches can be quickly transformed into stylish and newly functional areas. Concrete paving stones can settle over time creating dangerous uneven surfaces. We can level these surfaces with recycled rubber and then apply a beautiful resilient surface.


The entrance stairs for many homes are made of concrete that can become treacherous when wet or icy. Our unique process can not only improve the appearance of your stairs but also create a new level of safety but providing a non-slip surface when wet. In addition to the increased traction during the winter, the characteristics of rubber actually facilitates rapid melting of ice, and because of its flexibility any ice forming can be very easily broken up.

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