Rubber Paving 101

Shercom’s unique line-up of recycled rubber products are affordable, versatile, and easy to install. They are lighter & more flexible than concrete, heavier & more durable than plastic, as well as naturally resistant to weather & temperature damage—the perfect compliment to any home & garden display.

Rubber surfacing will not only help save the planet by recycling a hazard into great spaces, and help save you from injuries due to falls or broken glasses while pool-side, it will help save you money. 

Shercom Rubber Paving can quickly transform the old and cracked concrete surfaces around your home into a beautiful, comfortable and safety enhancing surface. Concrete pool decks, patios, walkways, stairs, porches, driveways and garages are perfect applications. Our precision installation avoids the use of the heavy equipment, excavation and forming necessary to replace old concrete. Installation normally takes just a day and the surface is ready to use within 48 hours.


At Shercom, we want to help you protect your investment. Shercom stands behind its work by offering a 1 year limited warranty against material and installation failure. We also provide a 5 year limited warranty against cracking.


Whether you are battling an old concrete, asphalt, or sealed aggregate driveway that has seen one too many winters, or you have a newer home with cracks forming already as the grade settles we can remove your frustration and restore curb appeal. With a large variety of colour and finish options we can match the look of your new rubber-paved driveway to your home and desired aesthetic, and create a functional and long-lasting surface that will maintain it’s resilience for years…even decades.


The entrance stairs for many homes are made of concrete that can become treacherous when wet or icy. Our unique process can not only improve the appearance of your stairs but also create a new level of safety but providing a non- slip surface when wet. In addition to the increased traction during the winter, the characteristics of rubber actually facilitates rapid melting of ice, and because of its flexibility any ice forming can be very easily broken up.


Shercom’s rubber surfacing is a relatively low maintenance product. Made from recycled rubber granules and a high grade poly resin binder, the materials hold up well in extreme climatic conditions.

Here are a few standard maintenance tips and procedures: 

  • Excessive loose surface debris such as gravel, sand or other hard objects can increase the chance of wear and tear. Keep the surface clean and clear from any foreign and potentially hazardous debris. It is recommended to clear the surface of any loose debris every 2-4 weeks with a push broom or leaf blower. This will help to ensure a long lasting and great looking product! 
  • Rubber surfacing can be cleaned using a power washer to deal with any spills or stains. It is recommended to use light detergent and ensure the power washer operator does not put the power nozzle too close to the surface. High powered washers can take the paint off of a car at too close of range so be certain not to be too aggressive. 
  • Snow can be cleared off of Shercom’s rubber surfaces by using a shovel or snow blower. Plastic shovels provide good snow clearing without the risk of damage. If using a pedestrian snow blower, ensure that there is no contact with the surface from any metal blade or any rotating metal edges. Most snow blowers have either plastic safety guards or adjustable riser pads. 
  • For ice build-up, de-icers such as salt or Ice-melt can be used. Do not spread more than the recommended amount. Also consider the impact of salt on the nearby and surround surfaces as well. 
  • Damaged areas can be repaired. The damaged areas can be cut out and patched with the option of adding surface designs to hide the patches. Rubber surfacing can be recoated with a reapplication of the binder for added strength that also rejuvenates the colour for our solid coloured products. Like a new paint job on a car! 
  • Light vehicle traffic is fine for rubber surfacing installed for the purpose of driveways or commercial spaces. Shercom pour-in-place playground surfacing has a different installation method and is not intended for vehicle traffic of any kind. It’s all about the base. The characteristics of rubber surfacing are ideal for covering cracked and damaged surfaces and filling in contours created by weather and wear, but the stability and grade of the new surface will follow the substrate. In the case of installations over compacted gravel, or crusher dust etc, the compaction of the base is absolutely critical to the long-term performance, and it is critical that a careful analysis of elevation, drainage and ground conditions be completed prior to beginning a project.